Cruise Newburyport on your private sailboat catamaran. Ninth Wave Sailing Charters is the first commercial sailing vessel built in Newburyport in 100 years. Sail out of the harbor and raise sails in the open ocean, past Plum Island Sound and head north or south along the coast as the wind dictates. Guaranteed steady sailings – two hulls and attentive crew who allow charter guests to take the helm, raise the sails or just sunbathe while underway on a sunny afternoon.

The 48′ Ninth Wave is a beautiful Catamaran located in historic Newburyport. Deck space is spacious at 900 square feet and when it is not guided by the winds of the Atlantic it is powered by Twin inboard Yanmar 56hp diesel engines. The Ninth Wave tops off at 12 knots by motor and 16.5 knots by sail. With the capacity to hold 48 passengers the Ninth Wave is perfect for parties large and small.

Some amenities the Ninth Wave offers are: Comfortable seating, food station/bar, two very spacious marine heads (toilets) with comfort stations, two netted trampolines forward for the adventurous!

There is ample seating area under the fiberglass top deck and even more area under the sun! Drop down windows can be lowered for protection on three sides from inclement weather.

– She is held together with 2000 black locust treenails (pronounced trunnels) and with silicon bronze fasteners.

– She is planked with white oak below the waterline, mahogany above the waterline, has white pine bulwarks and white oak rail caps. – The white spruce used for the original masts, gaffs, and booms came from trees grown on Hog Island, Essex that were donated by the Trustees of Reservations. (The mainmast and foremast have since been replaced with new masts that Tom made out of laminated Douglas fir).

“Ninth Wave” takes her name from Celtic folklore. The Irish used to stand on the shore and count the waves coming in from the horizon. The Ninth Wave represents the border between the known and unknown worlds. We strive to push that border ever seawards as we expand our understanding of the world ocean and its infinite ties to our lives on land.

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