Our 80' Scarano Sailing Yacht was designed and constructed specifically for carrying passengers comfortably, which is uncommon for historic schooners. Due to the modern and innovative design, guests will have room to sit and move around the boat.

She measures 80 feet in length overall with a 16-foot beam. Her lines are modeled after 1890s style pilot schooners. The 80' Scarano Sailing yacht is long and lean with a spoon bow, which helps her ply through the waters more effortlessly than the average schooner. An all-wooden vessel with a white glass overlay hull, she is quite easy to pick out amongst her fellow schooners with her smooth clean lines. When you step aboard you’ll notice her clean teak decks and brilliantly varnished mahogany rails. When your focus takes to the sky above you, you will find two towering Douglas Fir masts and nearly 2,000 square feet of sail stretching to the sky. Our 80' Scarano Sailing Yacht is sure to amaze you and your guests with her majestic beauty. Whether you are out on one of our sightseeing cruises or you want to have a romantic Boston sunset sail, she will be sure to impress! Sail Boston Harbor aboard this beautiful schooner and take in the sights of Boston in style.

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